British Equine Veterinary Association

British Equine Veterinary Association

BEVA is committed to serve and lead the equine veterinary profession in the championing of high standards of equine health and welfare and the promotion of scientific excellence and education throughout the world.

BEVA is a world leading equine veterinary association with over 2,400 members globally. BEVA is a highly regarded authority representing the industry at the highest level, running outstanding CPD and producing universally respected journals. BEVA's Objectives:

  • To promote the veterinary and allied sciences for the welfare of the horse
  • To promote and foster the cultural, scientific and professional activities of veterinary surgeons interested in equine practice, teaching and research
  • To provide education and training, a forum for discussion and an exchange of ideas on the management, health and welfare of the horse through the Charity's meetings, annual general meeting and education programme
  • To encourage research into equine problems

Upcoming events include:

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