The Aquarium Vet

Dr Rob has worked as a veterinarian in the aquarium industry for the past 16 years. Initially at the Melbourne Aquarium, he now consults to all the public aquaria in Australia and New Zealand and increasingly overseas. Commencing in 2003, he organized a research team working on artificial reproduction in elasmobranchs, which culminated in their first AI shark born in March 2014 with semen transferred from another facility.

Rob realized that there was no shortcut to gaining knowledge in the aquarium field and so developed the world’s first online course for aquarists and others working in the aquarium and zoo industry. In May 2011, the e-quarist courseTM was launched. It is increasingly becoming an internationally recognized course, recently being recognized as an AZA Learning Partner.

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The Aquarium Vet: Modules 1 - 4 Package
Learning Objectives Module One - Fish Anatomy and Physiology To understand how fish survi..
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Fish Anatomy and Physiology (Module 1)
Learning Objectives To understand how fish survive in an aquatic environment is critical to m..
Disease Concepts and Diagnostics (Module 2)
Learning Objectives What factors trigger disease? Stress. Immune system. Diagnostic sample co..
Elasmobranchs (Module 7)
Learning Objectives This course deals solely with elasmobranchs which are a vital part of our..
Invertebrates I (Module 8)
Learning Objectives Crustaceans and Molluscs (cephalopods) – examines anatomy and physiology ..
Water Chemistry and Quality (Module 3)
Learning Objectives Water Quality is essential for successful fish keeping. The nitrogen and ..
Life Support Systems (Module 4)
Learning Objectives Life Support Systems are the foundation of excellent water quality. Vario..
Diseases and Treatments (Module 5)
Learning Objectives Examines protozoans, bacteria, fungus, virus etc. Once a diagnosis is mad..
Nutrition and Reproduction (Module 6)
Learning Objectives Basics of nutrition - protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals..
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