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Dental Post Procedure and Preventative Care
Learning Objectives This online module is divided into two sections: In this first sectio..
Dental Treatment Planning and Rational Decision Making
Most pet owners' expectations are that their pet should keep their teeth throughout their life, s..
Oral Anatomy and Physiology
Learning Objectives A solid understanding of the functional anatomy of the head is very impor..
Oral and Dental Radiography
Learning Objectives As more than 50% of the anatomical structures and associated pathologies ..
Small Animal Dentistry: Core Principles
Learning Objectives A six-hour Veterinary continuing education e-learning course offering gen..
The Oral and Dental Examination
Learning Objectives Most pet owners will not be aware that their pet has an oral problem, so ..
Tooth Extraction Techniques
Learning Objectives The challenge of dental disease often faced by a veterinary surgeon is wh..
Cracks You Don't Want to Hear or See: Complications of Tooth Extraction
Case-based presentation on complications associated with tooth extraction including fragmented ro..
Feline Friendly Handling & Nursing Care Guidelines
This session reviews the ISFM/AAFP feline friendly handling and nursing care guidelines. Practica..
How I Treat...The Acutely Fractured Tooth
Ouch! My tooth hurts! Learn how to properly diagnose and treat the acutely fractured tooth. S..
How I Treat...The Chipped Tooth
The significance of fractured teeth, with and without pulp exposure, along with treatment recomme..
How I Treat...The Discolored Tooth
A clinical approach to discolored non-vital teeth will be presented. Understanding the clinical s..
How I Use...Antibiotic Gels in Periodontal Disease
This presentation covers the basic technique of closed root planing with the adjunct use of Doxir..
How I Use...Oral Nerve Blocks in Cats
Nerve blocks in cats not only provide extended post-operative analgesia they also make anesthesia..
How I Use...Oral Nerve Blocks in Dogs
Nerve blocks in dogs not only provide extended post-operative analgesia they also make anesthesia..
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