Diagnostic Imaging

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Oral and Dental Radiography
Learning Objectives As more than 50% of the anatomical structures and associated pathologies ..
Abdominal Radiology: Making the Call on GI Mechanical Obstructions
The purpose of this lecture is to illustrate the variable, subtle and not-so-subtle, radiographic..
Quantitative Measurements on Radiographs and Ultrasound That Can Support a Diagnosis
Correct radiographic interpretations are mostly based on pattern recognition and experience but r..
Radiographic Special Procedures: Part 1
Special procedures for Upper GI are all about technique and timing. We will discuss dose rates as..
Radiographic Special Procedures: Part 2
Special Procedures: Part 2 is a look at the urography procedues. This is also a discussion on tec..
Radiology Positioning Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for the common studies. The basics and more Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis and extremiti..
Radiology Safety: Why Should We Care
Radiation safety is a topic in which we need reminders all the time. Nurses get in a hurry and fo..
The Basics of Dental Radiography in Black and White
Veterinary dental radiographic positioning traditionally has been very difficult to learn and app..
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