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Canine Mast Cell Tumors - Are We Too Aggressive, Too Often?
Despite mast cell tumors representing a spectrum of tumors that vary dramatically in prognosis fr..
Chemotherapy Handling and Administration
An increasing number of pet owners are choosing to pursue chemotherapy for their pets. It is impe..
Everything you Wanted to Know about Mammary Tumors
Mammary tumors are common and yet considerable confusion exists as to the best way to treat them...
Feline Intestinal Lymphoma - Size Matters!
Intestinal lymphoma is now the most common non-cutaneous tumor encountered in feline practice. Th..
Ifs Ands or Butts: Tumors Near the Anus
Anal sac carcinoma, perianal adenoma, perianal adenocarcinoma, rectal tumors. Learn the differenc..
Mast Cell Tumors: Best Practices
Mast cell tumors are the most commonly diagnosed malignant skin tumor. The disease is highly vari..
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