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"Doctor, Will My Pet See Again?"
Is my blind patient a neurological or an ophthalmic case? A few simple tests will help you locali..
Antibiotics to Treat Corneal Infections
Corneal infections can often be resolved by treatment with appropriate antibiotics. Effective ant..
Glaucoma: Understanding and Treating a Leading and Painful Cause of Blindness
Glaucoma is a very frustrating disease, but timely diagnosis and treatment of a glaucomatous eye ..
Is it Exophthalmos, Buphthalmos or Proptosis? How Do I Know? How Do I Treat?
Exophthalmos and buphthalmos are signs of very different ophthalmic disorders (retrobulbar diseas..
Ocular Emergencies - It is All About Saving the Eye!
This session discusses diagnosis and management of a traumatic globe prolapse, retrobulbar absces..
Ophthalmic Examination - it Should Not be Expensive. It Should Not be Complicated
Ophthalmic examination should not be complicated or expensive! All that's required is a good ligh..
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