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Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Learning Objectives By the end of this online veterinary continuing education module delegate..
Anaesthesia Part 1: general principles of anaesthesia for ferrets, rabbits and rodents
Learning Objectives This veterinary continuing education module will give an overview of the ..
Anaesthesia Part 2: specific techniques and protocols for ferrets, rabbits and rodents
Learning Objectives This veterinary online CPD module will review the species-specific t..
Canine Critical Care and Anaesthesia
Learning Objectives By the end of this course delegates will be able to: Describe the..
Preventative Medicine and Anaesthesia
Learning Objectives This module will focus on preventative medicine and anaesthesia, with an ..
12 Locoregional Techniques You Should Be Using
Local and regional anaesthetic blocks can be described as the most under-utilised component of hi..
Acupuncture Analgesia: Does it Work?...and How!
This lecture will cover some of the basics of veterinary medical acupuncture from a scientific vi..
Anesthesia Updates: What's New?
Speaker Jane Quandt Support and Resource Recorded at the NAVC Conference 2013. Th..
Anesthetic Management of Patients with Respiratory Distress: A Case Based Approach
This lecture uses a case-based approach to help in planning protocols for the patient undergoing ..
Anesthetic Monitors - Understanding Their Use & Limitations
Technicians interpret data from anesthetic monitors on a routine basis. This presentation covers ..
Choosing Your Best Anesthetic Protocols - Part 1 and Part 2
This lecture discusses challenging anesthesia case scenarios and in depth discussion of different..
Exotic Small Mammal Anesthetic Techniques
This lecture discusses IV catheterization techniques, common drug protocols, intubation technique..
Feline Pain Management and NSAIDs: Recent Developments
Recent developments in NSAID use and availability for cats will be highlighted, and discussed. In..
Intrathecal Anesthesia in Reptiles, Who Knew...
This presentation shows how top do intrathecal anesthesia in tortoises and its applications. ..
Perioperative Pain Management in Dogs and Cats - An Update
This lecture reviews the multimodal approach to analgesia in the surgical and postoperative perio..
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