Elsevier Publishing - Saunders Solutions for Vets

Elsevier Publishing - Saunders Solutions for Vets

Elsevier is the leading industry provider of learning and workflow solutions to the health sciences community. They are driving innovation by combining the best content with cutting-edge technology, allowing customers to learn more effectively, and make better and faster decisions.

The Saunders Solutions for Vets course is a premium resource of online continuing professional development tools for veterinary practitioners and practice managers. Courses include small animal emergency medicine, small animal dentistry and professional skills.

Each series consists of a core principles course and a selection of related key case studies. The core principles course covers the fundamental principles and interventions and the related case studies use knowledge and skills acquired upon successful completion of the core principles course and provides a thoroughly practical and realistic grounding in the subjects.

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Case Studies: Small Animal Emergency Medicine
Learning Objectives A selection of key case studies using knowledge and skills acquired upon ..
Core Principles plus Case Studies: How to Achieve Effective Compliance
Learning Objectives The complete package of the Core Principles module and related Case Studi..
Core Principles: How to Achieve Effective Compliance
Learning Objectives Improve your rates in this challenging but vital subject of client compli..
Core Principles: Small Animal Emergency Medicine
A complete online course covering the fundamental principles and interventions in emergency medic..
Dental Post Procedure and Preventative Care
Learning Objectives This online module is divided into two sections: In this first sectio..
Dental Treatment Planning and Rational Decision Making
Most pet owners' expectations are that their pet should keep their teeth throughout their life, s..
How to Create Responsive Clients
Learning Objectives This case-based online continuing education module focuses on the necessa..
How to Manage Canine and Feline Poisoning
Learning Objectives Dogs and cats with suspected or witnessed poisoning present regularly to ..
How to Manage Canine Status Epilepticus
Learning Objectives Status epilepticus is a serious, life-threatening disorder for which ther..
How to Manage Gastric Dilation-Volvulus Syndrome
Learning Objectives Canine gastric dilation-volvulus syndrome (GDV) is perhaps the most infam..
How to Measure and Improve Performance
Learning Objectives Through three practical examples, this module will provide you with an un..
How to Motivate the Practice Team
Learning Objectives This module will show you how to engage and retain the commitment of your..
How to Present Your Financial Case for Change
Learning Objectives While often unapproachable, a good understanding of practice finances and..
How to Promote Your Healthcare Programme
Learning Objectives Effective communication of the products and services you sell in your cli..
Oral Anatomy and Physiology
Learning Objectives A solid understanding of the functional anatomy of the head is very impor..
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