Track, manage and record your CPD

Vetacademy is the first of its kind to provide an online veterinary CPD 'department store' from leading veterinary learning providers across the globe.

We make it really simple for you to manage your continuing education and professional development online with a library of more than 300 modules and videos to choose from, interactive self-assessment tests to assess your understanding, all managed from your own personalized learning desktop.

Your Personal Desktop

Your Vetacademy personal desktop contains everything you need to manage your CPD, including the modules you have signed up to and certificates of completion.

You can also personalize your desktop to include a calendar detailing veterinary and course related events, an internal messaging/email system, bookmarks of important content and any specific clinical notes or comments you would like to include.

Track your progress

Your learning progress will be tracked allowing you to access your chosen module(s) online at anytime convenient to you. On successful completion of your module(s) you will be issued with a personalized and printable certificate and you will still be able to go back a review the training material.


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