Recruitment, Leadership and Managing People

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How to Motivate the Practice Team
Learning Objectives This module will show you how to engage and retain the commitment of your..
Hiring People Who Will Really Help Your Practice
Good employees are the lifeblood of any practice and yet finding them can be difficult. This sess..
Implementing and Utilizing the Approved Veterinary Assistant:  Reap the Benefits
Elevate and Celebrate! The Approved Veterinary Assistant is here! An exciting new entry level to ..
Legal Issues and Protections You Need to Know to Hire, Fire & Retain Part 1
This is the first of two sessions designed to inform veterinarians, practice owners, managers and..
Taking Care of Yourself: Burnout & Compassion Fatigue
The front office team is no stranger to burnout and compassion fatigue, even though they are not ..
What's Legal When it Comes to Social Media and Employment Law in Veterinary Practice?
Social networking continues to cause problems for many employers, including veterinarians. This l..
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