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VisioCare Learning by Medi-Productions

VisioCare Learning by Medi-Productions

Medi-Productions is an editing company with offices in France, UK, Spain and the USA that specialise in 3D animations and digital applications for the health sciences community, and particularly animal health. They are driving innovation by combining the best content with cutting-edge technology, allowing customers to learn more effectively and make better and faster decisions.

The VisioCare Learning™ approach

You’ve never experienced CPD like this! “   - Professor Dick White

VisioCare Learning™ courses are a premium resource of online continuing professional development tools for veterinary practitioners. Each module combines traditional content such as video and various illustrations, with "never before used" ultra-vivid 3D video animations to bring internal views of animal functional anatomy and management of procedures to life in ways like never before!  The 3D videos make the modules immensely more comprehensive and easier to understand. 

The VisioCare Learning™ CPD courses are developed under the oversight of leading veterinary experts who guide you through the in-depth intricacies in their field of expertise. Topics are selected by a panel of experts emphasising the "practical" and "hands-on" approach for  use in your veterinary practice. 

VisioCare Learning™ takes you to another level and will help you and your staff to provide better care for your patients.

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