Which Bedding is Recommended for Reducing Mastitis Risk

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In this video, Mike Steele will answer some of the common questions asked to vets from producers looking to upgrade their barns:

  • "What is better? Sand, Recycled Manure Solids or Mattresses?
  • What do we mean by this?
  • Does 'better' mean lower bacterial growth?
  • Lower mastitis?
  • More Comfortable?"

Fortunately, there is a lot of scientific information to support answers to these questions. Mike will summarise the current evidence to improve the value of your advice services.

About the speaker

Mike Steele is a Global Dairy Consultant for Inspire Cattle Solutions. He has travelled extensively, advising on farming policies for large companies involved in the dairy industry such as Nestle. He has previously worked at Elanco Animal Health as a Global Ruminant Advisor and at Bristol Veterinary School as a lecturer in Farm Animal Science. Mike has many years' experience in veterinary practice, which gives his scientific background a great connection to on-farm practicality.

Mike has been involved in Research and Development for new pharmaceutical products, as a technical advisor to farm improvement projects, presented at Global Conferences including World Buiatrics and NMC and has developed a course in Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine.